A sparkle, a thread, a stillness that shines
A bead that speaks, a flutter that is divine

In India, Mauli means a sacred thread that blesses you, binds you to God. It protects you from evil, fosters positivity, and balances your body. It helps you commune with your inner self. Lofty expectations from a single red thread! Yet, it does all that and more.

Mauli Cashmere takes that holy thread as inspiration, and spins shawls, stoles and scarves that are magical. Almost therapeutical in their warmth. A simple thought precedes each creation – extraordinariness that is unmatched, timeless.

The shawls and stoles by Mauli not only personify the wearer’s personality – they enhance it. It’s a dialogue between you and the cloth. It is an art that is fine, that recreates you. Each tiny bead has a meaning. Each stroke of colour has a purpose.

From delicate pastel creations where soft threads simulate floral blooms, to bold, royal explosions that invoke the spirit in you, Mauli has a translation for all moods and personae.

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