Product Care

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All our products are handcrafted and produced by the most skilled artisans. We only recommend “Dry Clean only” by professional drycleaners.

You can gently steam your cashmere scarf to get rid of wrinkles or fold marks. Be sure to keep the temperature of the steam iron low and to use more of steam and less of direct steam iron contact with the surface of cashmere. Steaming also helps make the cashmere softer. ​

​Cashmere scarves should be stored in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight or moisture. It is best to put your scarf in a zip lock bag, or a fabric bag in a cool dry space. ​​

All cashmere fabric pill over time, based on how they are used, and stored. For Example, good quality cashmere would pill faster if paired with a Coarser fibre garment that causes higher abrasion against the scarf while being worn. ​​ Refer the FAQ section to understand pilling. ​

Pilling can be treated with a lint roller gently. Put your cashmere scarf flat on a surface and gently use the lint roller to pick up the pilling from the surface of the scarf. ​

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